Politics & Governance


This part aims to reflect on concrete steps of redesigning governance at global, regional, national and local level to ensure an effective response to the challenges facing humanity today.

In an era of global interdependence and abundant communications the citizens are lacking clarity and transparency on what and who really matters, lost in a maize of old and new institutions, state and non-actors and processes that are not inclusive of ordinary citizens. One wonders whether anybody fully comprehends how the global governance system works, other than occasionally using its various elements for short-term gains.

The avoidance of another world war over the past seventy-odd years does not mean the predominance of peace or justice in our world. On the contrary, our era has witnessed numerous instances of civil strife, genocide and external intervention that have cost the lives of millions. In a large part of the world building effective states still looks like a distant dream.

Under this theme, we intend to publish briefings and analyses on the core issues of sustainability governance, peace and security, human rights, democracy and the rule of law.