Our Vision


Our motivation and objectives

What motivates us is the apparent lack of clarity, explanatory theory, direction and leadership that we are experiencing at this critical juncture in humanity's and our planet's history, which presents many challenges but also many opportunities.

What we want to do is to establish a forum for the exchange of views among thinkers and practitioners interested in addressing today's challenges, and to encourage analysis towards action, with new approaches and innovative ideas, within a framework of moral and humanistic principles.

We want to work with people who share our motivation and basic principles, and can contribute substantive knowledge, experience and ideas towards achieving our objectives.


Our core principles

Every human being deserves a decent standard of living in dignity; of course this cannot be an automatic right but should result from human cooperation, proper organization and universal contributions.

Every individual – and par excellence those involved in the affairs of the commons, such as politicians, civil servants, religious leaders, intellectuals and the press – has to abide by the highest standards of personal integrity.

Human life is unique and has to be valued and lived to the fullest, creatively and constructively.

The human being has unlimited potential, which s/he should be able to realize in an environment that promotes equal opportunities and guarantees justice.